What’s In A Vision

A Recap of My 2015 Vision Board

What's In A Vision

This has been the most productive year I have had in a very long time as it relates to setting goals and following through.  I attribute this to planning, living with purpose and developing healthy daily habits.  This year I approached my Vision Board differently and it really worked out in my favor.  

Vision Boards are a tradition in my family.  We gather at the beginning of the year and spend an afternoon working on our boards.  This year was different though….we needed this event to have more substance, to drive us and hold us accountable.  As I began to plan this event, I was driven by the Bible verse Habakkuk 2:2. That was just it…I needed to write down my vision and have Faith that it would happen.  I allowed this to serve as the framework for how I would create my vision board.  Normally, I would do the typical vision board with lots of pictures and words on a poster board.  You know, like this….


While this is helpful, I needed to be more specific…setting goals that I could create a plan of action for.  Because I am a visual person, I decided to create a vision board that would be visible to me everyday and create purposeful thoughts.  So, I decided to create my vision board in a collage picture frame.  This really made me focus on 8 goals for the year and nothing more.  I was able to determine what was most important and what I wanted to achieve for 2015.  With 8 spaces for pictures, I had to be specific and not have a group of pictures or words on a board.

This level of preciseness allowed me to address my goals for family, finance, emotion, physical health, work, education, blog and new business endeavors.  Each area was given it’s own frame within the collage frame.  The next step was placing my vision board in a place that I would see it daily and be reminded of what I needed to accomplish.  I found the perfect place in my bedroom….I was now able to see the board as I entered and left the room!

Every time I accomplished one of my 8 goals, I would smile to myself as a result of my accomplishment.  I did it, yes me!  I stuck through it and achieved my goals.  So at the end of 2015, I am able to say that I achieved my 2015 goals and I look forward to my 2016 vision board.  Stay tuned because I will be sharing that with you very soon.



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5 Responses to What’s In A Vision

  1. I absolutely love this! Way to go Honey!

  2. MS. DOXY says:

    Do one every year. This is a great way to do it.

  3. Kat says:

    This sounds like what I’ll do this year. I usually only do writing, this year I’ll add visuals. Thanks for the inspiration.

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