Traveling as a Single Parent

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I have a personal goal of traveling to one new country a year.  This was very easy when I was single, but boy have times changed.  A close friend asked me if it is possible to travel while be a single parent?  My immediate response….ABSOLUTELY.


Often times people get scared by the thought of traveling and the cost involved.  I am here to tell you that it is doable.  This year I have visited both the Dominican Republic and Jamaica with a toddler in tow.  That does not include local trips.  So yes, you can do it too.  Here are a few of the steps I take to make this possible.

Planning – I spend the beginning of the year planning exactly where I will go that year and what I will need to get there and what is needed while there.  Such as, plane ticket, rental car, hotel, food and tours.

Research – Determining the most affordable way to get there.  With a toddler I won’t say the cheapest way, because I am willing to pay a little extra for a direct flight and if I get a free bag or two included.  Let’s not forget Kids Stay Free….so many hotels do not charge for children stay free.  I always make this a part of my requirements.  What I would pay in hotel cost for my son, I can now put towards tours or entertainment activities.  Specifically in the Caribbean, getting an all inclusive hotel is like striking gold!  Imagine all you can eat and drink included in your hotel cost.  It may seem a little more expensive in the beginning, but it is worth!  All inclusive could also include non-motorized water-sports, kids activities, nightly entertainment and so much more.  This is definitely the way to go.

Budget – Yes we need to know how much we can afford, but what is also important are the payment options available.   I personally opt for a companies that offer a payment plan.  Yes these do exist!!!! I use Delta Vacations and recently tried Vacation Express and found success with both companies.  If you have access to a travel agent, a lot of times they will also create a payment plan for you. Finally, I travel off season as well.  This makes going out of traveling very affordable.  There is nothing like a fall/winter beach trip as a pick me up!

I hope this has given you the extra encouragement that you need in order to start planning your trip!  Even if you can’t take a trip out of the country….still plan a trip that you never thought you could do for your family, it will be worth it!  My new country for the year will be Grand Turk….I can barely contain my excitement!  I can’t wait to hear where you are going this year.


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