The Perfect 4×4 Square

The 4x4SquareWhen I started this blog I dreamed of a blog full of witty words and pretty pictures. You know, that perfect image in the shape of a square that we see on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and every other form of social media that you can think of.  No matter how I curated content that I thought was thought provoking and informative, I put it on hold because I lacked that perfect 4×4 square picture to accompany my post.  How could I not share such pertinent content because of a simple square?  Does this apply to my life outside of my blog too?  Do other people feel this way?

On my commute home I listened to a new Podcast by The Influence Network.  The Podcast was an interview with the Jessica N. Turner, author of the new book The Fringe Hours: Making Time for YOU.  In the interview Jessica talked about the 4×4 square and how we post these beautiful pictures that are not necessarily representative of the real life we live.  She mentioned, while doing the interview the only clear space on her kitchen table was where she was being interviewed and she was comfortable with that.  That served as an AHA moment for me!

I have set a standard of what life “should” look like based on what I see on Social Media.  So many projects, so many blog posts, so many elements of “my” life I don’t share because I lack the perfect white background, fresh flowers and perfect accessories to create and share that 4×4 square.

So now I say no more waiting for that perfect moment.  I will blog more often, share on social media and just enjoy life.  All because I will spend my fringe hours doing what I love and not focus on creating what I once perceived as that “perfect” 4×4 square.

I encourage you to listen to the podcast with Jennifer N. Turner and also order her book The Fringe Hours: Making Time for YOU. Take a moment determine what you love and how you can do what is important to you.


Live the life you love….even though it doesn’t create that perfect 4×4 square that we all seem to be intrigued with.   But who really says that your 4×4 square isn’t perfect.  Define your own square by what perfection is to you…not by what social media tell us it should be!


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4 Responses to The Perfect 4×4 Square

  1. Mandy says:

    This is how I feel!! I am putting this book in my Amazon cart!

    • Madam Manners says:

      Hi Mandy,

      I think we all end up feeling this way at some point or another. The book is definitely a great read!

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