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And Especially Not A “Baby Mama”

Single Parent - 5 reasons

Like anyone, when I separated from my husband I was devastated.  No one wants a failed marriage, but I struggled even more with the idea of being a single parent and the “Baby Mama” stigma.  Honestly, I was just so concerned about how people would view me and what they would say.   (more…)

Christmas Carols, Tree Decorating, Elf on The Shelf, Ice Skating…My oh my, there are so many possible traditions to create!

It’s the holidays and you want to create amazing memories with your family, but don’t know where to begin? Do your friends and family post about their amazing holiday traditions? Have you seen all those cool posts on social media? Yeah, me too…. (more…)

Pinterest To The Rescue:

We are less than a week out from Thanksgiving and you are in total panic mode because you have not prepared your home for family coming in town, your first thanksgiving dinner or maybe hosting the in-laws.   (more…)