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When Consistency Meets Real Life


So it’s been months since I opened my WordPress account and stroked these keys with the intent to provide useful information to the masses. Where have I been, what happened to that “Consistency” I referenced at the beginning of the year? These are all questions that I have been pondering for quite some time. Have I failed myself???? Continue reading

Southern Belle Mug Collection


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The 4x4SquareWhen I started this blog I dreamed of a blog full of witty words and pretty pictures. You know, that perfect image in the shape of a square that we see on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and every other form of social media that you can think of.  No matter how I curated content that I thought was thought provoking and informative, I put it on hold because I lacked that perfect 4×4 square picture to accompany my post.  How could I not share such pertinent content because of a simple square?  Does this apply to my life outside of my blog too?  Do other people feel this way?

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Now What????

“Lent is a time of keen attentiveness to the reality of God’s presence & to the reality of our own sinfulness.”

– Dr. Barry Jones

The Lenten Season is Here...Now What--- (1)

Unlike most people, my favorite holiday is not one that includes celebrating my birthday, Christmas or New Years.  Instead, I look forward to celebrating Easter every year. It is not just Easter day, but the entire Lenten season and celebrating the Resurrection of Christ. Every year, I put even more thought into the sacrifices I make during this time and the reason I make them.  I look back on years of giving up simple things like soda, sugar, meat etc.  Back then those seemed like great sacrifices, but now I want so much more.

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10 Creative Valentine's Crafts for the-2

So the time has snuck up on you and you have just realized that you need treats for your little one’s class for Valentine’s Day.  Okay, so you have less than a week to pull off a thoughtful treat for 10+ kids by Friday.  Normally, this is where the panic would begin….but not today.  I have curated a list of my favorite “easy” Valentine’s Day crafts just for you.

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“My Rule Is, If It’s Not Moving…Monogram It.  
– Reese Witherspoon

Scarf Monogram

So we have been through my obsession with monograms, I won’t go into detail, but I will share my latest find with you! More and more I find the most amazing companies that specialize in monogrammed items.  Since the weather is crisp and nice….I had to get the perfect monogrammed accessory!

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Traveling With A Toddler

The holidays and you can forget about that quick weekend trip by yourself.  This is a trip for the whole family and oh yeah….you officially have a toddler in tow.  This was my life story just a few weeks ago, so here goes my recommendations for taking on the daunting task of a toddler on an airplane.  I hope you are ready…

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The holidays are upon us and it is time to start thinking about how you will decorate and entertain this year.  I look forward to this time of year every year.  Last year, I had the pleasure to attand an amazing class on decorating and entertaining for the holidays.  The best part of this was it was all based on DIY tips, tricks and ideas.  I learned so much from the class and ran home to put all of this knowledge to use.  As I began to host and entertain for the holidays or just a friend stopping by, I got so many compliments on the decor and how it was all tied together from the front door and all throughout the house.  I can thank no one but Paul Brummer for this!  Attending his class was the best thing I could have ever done.

So this year, I am sharing this class with each of you!  Please join me November 9, 2015 for an amazing course on creating Dazzling Holiday Decor.

Paul Brummer is the owner of Rooms in Bloom, an amazing floral design and event company.  Paul has been featured by Martha Stewart, Modern Bride, Jay Leno, Good Morning America, CNN, Lifetime and so many more.   With over 25 years of experience, Paul has also spent 15 years serving as the bon vivant of New York’s Tavern on the Green.

When I began Madam Manners, I knew hosting a class with Paul Brummer, was a must.  I am so excited to see this actually come to fruition.  So head on over to to register for this workshop.  I hope to see you and all that you create this holiday season!


Madam Manners Monogram

35 @ 35 (1)

You reach your 21st birthday and you are super excited…then 25 you feel like you of age…next 30 and you begin to think about life in a serious way, but it is still a big celebration.  So now we are at 35, who are you, what have you accomplished, you begin to question if you are where you want to be in life and if you have accomplished all you thought you would by age 35.

Well, I just celebrated my 35th birthday two weeks ago and it was a great one!  I spent the weekend with friends and family in Sandestin, Florida.  It was truly a celebration that I will never forget.  Great weather, family and friends and the beach.  What more could I ask for???

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