The Lenten Season Is Here…

Now What????

“Lent is a time of keen attentiveness to the reality of God’s presence & to the reality of our own sinfulness.”

– Dr. Barry Jones

The Lenten Season is Here...Now What--- (1)

Unlike most people, my favorite holiday is not one that includes celebrating my birthday, Christmas or New Years.  Instead, I look forward to celebrating Easter every year. It is not just Easter day, but the entire Lenten season and celebrating the Resurrection of Christ. Every year, I put even more thought into the sacrifices I make during this time and the reason I make them.  I look back on years of giving up simple things like soda, sugar, meat etc.  Back then those seemed like great sacrifices, but now I want so much more.

I recently read an article, 40 Things to Give Up for Lent: The List, that really made me think about my choices during the Lenten Season and what I would sacrifice during this time; as this article really confirmed what I needed to do during this year.  I am embracing the Lenten Season and the changes and sacrifices I will make during this time.  I hope this article will ignite something for you if you already do not know what you plan to do for Lent.

As I continue build my relationship with God and grow in the word, I am constantly seeking information and motivational resources for my journey.  I have learned, through personal conversations, that there are so many people who are in a place where they want to know more and do more, but are afraid to ask or don’t know where to look for resources.  We are all learning together and I may not have the answer for you regarding what you should do during the Lenten season, but I will leave each of you with great sources of information that will help you during this time.

So what does my plan of action look like for the Lenten Season.  It is not one of great magnitude, but one that I know will center me and bring me closer to God.

  • Determine my sacrifices and changes during this time
  • Attend Ash Wednesday Service
  • Focus on the word (Bible)
  • Daily Devotion
  • Attend Sunday Services
  • Celebrate in the Lord
  • Gatherings with family and friends focused on the Lenten Season

Lent Specific Resources

 Upper Room

She Reads Truth

 Blessed is She

Daily Devotional Recources




Kristin Sch

APP Resources

Focus on the Family

Joel Osteen





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