Grace over Perfection in 2016!

What will you choose?


What an amazing webinar led by Lara Casey and Emily Ley. This webinar focused on cultivating a Joyful 2016. Lara and Emily guided us through pressing the reset button and choosing grace over perfection in 2016.

We are all preparing for 2016 by setting goals, resolutions, vision boards or maybe you haven’t decided how to prepare for the new year, that is okay too. As you prepare, think about the influence of Social Media, Perfection, Grace and Living on Purpose.

Joyful 2016

As I listened to Lara and Emily on the webinar, the first thing that struck a cord with me was the discussion on Social Media. Positive Social Media that is! So I have to be honest and share that I have a personal account for social media and my Madam Manners account. What I have realized over time is my personal page can be draining and when I need inspiration and motivation I turn to my Madam Manners account. This really makes me reevaluate my life and I find myself spending more and more time using my Madam Manners accounts. My Madam Manners account reflects the positive influence and inspiration that I want to be to others. Can you relate to this?

I always reference the post I did on the Perfect 4×4 Square . So many times I do not post because I do not have that “Perfect” picture for social media. I compare my work to what I see others share and I beat myself up about what my work should look like. I don’t know about you, but this has prohibited me from posting or sharing with you. At no point should I be comparing myself to others, but rather share what I have to offer because it is special to me and I know it will help someone else. So as Emily and Lara shared today, it is time to “Hold myself at a standard of grace and not perfection.” I look forward to creating my joy based on my standard of Grace and not hindering myself anymore because of this level of perfection I think I need to have.

So ladies, let’s get rid of the need for perfection and enjoy a standard of Grace. Begin with looking at your social media… who do you follow, do they impact you positively, make you smile, and create positive thoughts for you. Begin living on purpose….we no longer need to fly by the seat of our pants. Invest in PowerSheets and the Simplified Planner…set goals and plan accordingly! When you begin to live on purpose, life will change and you will begin to see the growth that you want in life.

Last but not least, here is the link for the A Joyful 2016 webinar. Be sure to watch, there is a lot of great information here!   I pray that everyone has an amazing 2016 and begins to choose Grace over Perfection. Remember to live on purpose!!!


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