About Madam Manners

Imagine a Southern Belle, who is originally from New York and embraces the diverse British and Jamaican cultures of her parents…that is Nicole, affectionately known as Madam Manners!

Nicole is a certified event planner, Google City Expert for Atlanta, stationery designer, DIY and craft lover and a guru on all things requiring great etiquette.  Exemplifying the quintessential mix of tradition and current trends, Nicole is the consummate friend, sister, coworker and mother that lives within all of us.

The Madam Manners Blog will serve as a lifestyle resource crafted to enhance the all-around sophisticated, cultured and resourceful woman within you.


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  1. Kelly Douglas says:

    Nicole! We met at the well meet up last year. I would love for you to come and join our Launch Out Conference April 22-23.

    Check out http://www.launchoutconference.com
    And apply as a speaker!!

    You will love this community!

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