35 at 35

35 @ 35 (1)

35 at 35

Like many, I did a lot of self reflection and goal setting in preparation for the BIG 35.  While I am overly excited about 35, I realized there were simple things in life that I continued to overlook in an attempt to achieve my goals and aspirations.  While these are all very important, so are the simple things in life.  So, I have decided I won’t overlook these things anymore!  Now if you know me, I came up with a great idea to make the simple things fun and memorable.

Well I thought I could come up with a list of  35 things easily, but it seems like I bit off more than I could chew.  So, I have a list of 14 items right now and I will continue to update this list until I come up with a total of 35 .  Get ready for lots of pictures and recaps!

The List


  1. Spend my birthday with those close to me
  2. Belt Line bus tour
  3. SkyView Atlanta
  4. Key West
  5. Cocktails in the Garden at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens
  6. Visit a food truck park
  7. Start taking Zumba classes again
  8. Visit Serenbe
  9. Hear TD Jakes Speak
  10. Hear Oprah Winfrey Speak
  11. Attend a Braves Game
  12. Plan a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains
  13. Create relationships to begin Guest Blogging
  14. Purchase a pair of Converse

So I completed number one!  I spent my birthday in Destin, Florida with my closest family and friends!  Oh what a great time!


Now bear with me, because these things are not in any particular order.  Yes, yes, yes, I am the owner of a pair of blue converse!!! I get so excited every time I put them on!


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  1. Carmen Jones says:

    Sooo I was looking at your 35 at 35 list and realized I want to do most if not all of those things with you, Hun! When do we start?? Love ya lots!

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