A Peek Into Mental Health Disorders


This year I promised I would make My Mess My Message.  This post isn’t just about me, but someone I have known for a very long time.  Someone I consider to be very “Normal” and would never question if she was diagnosed with a mental illness.  But what is “Normal” and what does “Normal” look like?  Can you be diagnosed with a Mental Health Disorder and live according to what society deems a normal life?   Continue reading

And Especially Not A “Baby Mama”

Single Parent - 5 reasons

Like anyone, when I separated from my husband I was devastated.  No one wants a failed marriage, but I struggled even more with the idea of being a single parent and the “Baby Mama” stigma.  Honestly, I was just so concerned about how people would view me and what they would say.   Continue reading

 Can You Afford to Travel With Your Little OneTraveling as a single Parent-3

I have a personal goal of traveling to one new country a year.  This was very easy when I was single, but boy have times changed.  A close friend asked me if it is possible to travel while be a single parent?  My immediate response….ABSOLUTELY.

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When Your Experiences Can Help Others

Make Your Mess your Message

I am a huge Good Morning America fan and recently heard Robin Roberts quote her mother when discussing her book, Everybody’s Got Something. She said simply and elegantly “Make Your Mess Your Message.” This touched my soul because I have faced many obstacles and challenges in the past few years. But once getting over those hurdles, what did I do with that lesson learned…absolutely nothing.

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A Recap of My 2015 Vision Board

What's In A Vision

This has been the most productive year I have had in a very long time as it relates to setting goals and following through.  I attribute this to planning, living with purpose and developing healthy daily habits.  This year I approached my Vision Board differently and it really worked out in my favor.   Continue reading

What will you choose?


What an amazing webinar led by Lara Casey and Emily Ley. This webinar focused on cultivating a Joyful 2016. Lara and Emily guided us through pressing the reset button and choosing grace over perfection in 2016.

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And You Don’t Know How To Set the Table

setting the table

So you are hosting a dinner party for the first time, but you have no clue how to set the table. You know you need plates, silverware and glasses, but now what. I found a great guide from One Kings Lane  and shared it below.

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Christmas Carols, Tree Decorating, Elf on The Shelf, Ice Skating…My oh my, there are so many possible traditions to create!

It’s the holidays and you want to create amazing memories with your family, but don’t know where to begin? Do your friends and family post about their amazing holiday traditions? Have you seen all those cool posts on social media? Yeah, me too…. Continue reading

By Lara Casey

Power Sheets Lara Casey

Things that are written get done. We are coming up on the time of year to begin thinking through our goals and vision for the future. Have you started yet? Need help figuring out how to start? Need a tool to get you going for 6 months or maybe the whole year? I am so excited to share this resource with you.

The phenomenal Lara Casey has created an amazing tool to get you through your planning for the next year. This tool is called Power Sheets and I used it last year and will use it again this year. I was able to stay on track, plan out my vision and achieve my goals thanks to Powersheets. For 2016, Lara has created the One Year Workbook, the Six Month Starter Set and the Six Month Refresh Set.

Power Sheet Options

Pick an option that works best for you. When purchasing your Powersheets, I also recommend you get her book, Make it Happen: Surrender Your Fear, Take the Leap, Live on Purpose . This is a great tool to use with your Powerhheets. I look forward to hearing how you use your Powersheets. I will be sharing how I use my Powersheets in part two of this post. Stay tuned! 

Power Sheets Make it Happen



Madam Manners Monogram

The Art of Being Grateful

A Season of Thanks

Tis the season that we share what we are thankful for. So what is it that you are thankful for…friends, family, job, home???? These seem to be the common answers, but I challenge you to go deeper and find something of great magnitude that you are thankful for. Continue reading